Hippos don’t make good pets

It’s easy to look at the choices someone else makes, from the outside, and think “What an idiot. I’d never do that”. But then we find ourselves on the inside, and things look completely different. It’s tempting to convince ourselves that our situation is unique, that the usual rules don’t apply here. It’s almost never true.

I’m talking about those situations where, if it were one of my friends doing exactly the same thing, I’d realise it was obviously going to end badly, and say “what the hell are you playing at?”. But if it’s me, I want to plead special circumstances and find a reason to make an exception. (And then look back later and think “what the hell was I playing at?”).

So – note to self: a cliche is a cliche for a reason. Hippos don’t make good pets. Take your own advice more often. You are not a special snowflake. (And on that note…)


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