About me

I’m an osteopath, professional Mixed Martial Artist and writer.

I’m currently working at City Therapy in Manchester and out of Next Generation MMA in Liverpool. To book an appointment, or for more information, I can be contacted by email. More information about my work with combat sports athletes is on my Combat Sports Clinic website.

My interest in osteopathy began with a back injury in 1999 that just wouldn’t go away. On the advice of my judo coach, I went to see an osteopath he recommended. I was impressed with his knowledge and skill, and decided then that that was something I wanted to be able to do. At the time I was doing a PhD, and the idea of another 5 years of university didn’t immediately appeal. Several years later, though, the chance came along and I decided to take it. It turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life.

This is me

I first became interested in MMA in 2000 after seeing a documentary on TV. Prior to that, I trained in various martial arts including Taekwon-do, Jiu-Jitsu and Judo. My first fight was in 2002, and since then I’ve fought for various organizations, including Cagewarriors, Bellator, EliteXC and BodogFight. My current record is 13-2 and I’ve been consistently ranked in the top 3 in the world at 125 lbs. My focus at the moment is leaning more towards grappling, and I plan to do more of this in 2013.

I’m currently training out of the Next Generation gym in Liverpool. I am sponsored by PhD Nutrition, ScrambleLondon Fight Store and Funkygums mouthguards. I do my strength and conditioning work at Strength and Performance Gym in Stockport; and Tim Budd from Global Therapies has the unenviable task of keeping me in one piece.

I’ve retained a few souvenirs from my previous life in academia. I have a maths degree from Cambridge University and a PhD in theoretical computer science from Manchester. If you need some bedtime reading, you can download my PhD and MSc theses here. Or they might make good wrapping paper if you have a mathematician friend. Oh, and I used to be a classical musician. I keep believing, despite all evidence to the contrary, that one day I will have enough free time to get back to playing the piano again.

I have a son, Luis, who is seven and likes to tell everyone that his Mum is a “cagefighter”. Apparently his friends think this is cool.

My blog is a random assortment of journal entries, ideas, opinions and rants. They reflect my thinking at the time of writing, but I reserve the right to change any of my views without notice.

I have written for various MMA and martial arts magazines, including Fighters Only, Train Hard Fight Easy and Martial Arts Illustrated. I’m available as a freelance writer.

I can be reached by email, or facebook. I have a twitter account and I occasionally post videos and training clips on my Youtube channel. I’m managed by Intensiti Fighter Management. Any enquiries regarding fights, sponsorship or media should go to Ian Dean at ian.dean@cagewarriors.com.

This is me too


  1. Looking forward to seeing you again, my guys keep bugging me about when your coming back so we’ll sort that out. Yikes I have got a fight lined up on Saturday at the UK championships. I wasn’t expecting it or prepared for it to be honest however if I don’t one of the other guys won’t get a fight so in for a penny and all that jazz

    Keep Safe


  2. Hi Rosi
    I am interested in writing an article about female MMA fighters.
    Are there many in the UK?
    How often do they fight?
    How much can a top fighter earn?
    There are lots of other questions I’d like to ask but I don’t want to impose.
    Who are the best sources of info other than yourself? Do all the fighters have agents? Do you?
    That’s enough questions for now. Let me have your email address if you are willing to submit (oops! wrong word!) to further interrogation.
    Regards – Ken

  3. I am a third year student studying sports journalism at the University of Central Lancashire. As part of my final prject I am doing a 16 page magazine on a topic of my choice. I have chosen cage fighting and would like to enquire into the possiblity of doing a brief interview, by phone or email, that I could use for my magazine. Anything you can help with would be greatly appreciated.



  4. Hey Rosie, love your column in FightersOnly, helps me a lot with my phys ed major and my MMA game, keep up the great work and I’m looking forward to seeing you perform soon!

  5. Hello, what college were you in at Cambridge? We were not there at the same time (sadly for me) but I was at Downing.

    You should bring out a DVD or something!

  6. Hello Rosi,

    Have just watched the BBC 4 documentary and just skimmed yout PhD thesis and am now recalibrating my brain as to what a truely awesome person is, using you as the 100% top example. Your musicanship, scholarship and physical abilities are absolutely stellar. Best wishes to you and your loved ones and every success in your future.

  7. Just watched the BBC documentary also, and wanted to wish you the best best in all that you do this year. I’m a big boxing and martial arts fan, but more from the sidelines, so to see someone stepping up and to challenge themselves to the ultimate in combat – with the dedication in mental and physical conditioning involved – is to be greatly admired.

    You have a winner’s mindset and deserve much success and happiness.

    Best wishes again.

  8. You are an inspiration. I have sparred with you at Karls when he was next door to steve’s in the van daang block. I pulled out because of having kids, starting my own business and not being able to commit to three or four sessions per week. I watch and am inspired by you and levo and karl and Gavin and all the others I met along the way. Im 34 now and am perhaps too old to return. I buzz off this sport. All the best. I wish you every success!

  9. Rosi, you are truly my inspiration….I am a husband, an engineer and EECS PhD student, I love Muay thai but never have a gut to step to professional level .. you are so amazing, wish you the best always !

  10. Whao! We never really interacted much Rosi, but I was in your year ..studied Logic with Paris, Aczel, Wilmers, et al. I remembered you use to do jujitsu and stuff, but I would never have imagined you would go this far. Mind blowing. Best wishes. Kazem

  11. Rosi, great show at the UFC bill. Big high-five, you’re a credit to the sport, women and the strength of the human spirit. I am sure you have inspired lots of people and have paved the way for many to balance success in sport, education,and in life. Well done.

  12. Rosi, I arrived as the new young PE teacher at Kendrick in 93. This morning from home in Cantabria N.Spain I was reading an article about cage fighting and your name popped up. I thought that name is an x-pupil, (Kendrick girls cage fighting?) I had memories of you playing the piano beautifully not fighting! What an amazing varied career you’ve had….. such hard work and discipline, congratulations you’re very brave! Becky Williams (Overton)

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